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Dry Transfer

March 19th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

We asked our Graphic Arts teacher, Mr. Bedell, to demonstrate how to use the new Dry Transfer Edition for spring.

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Spring COLORS Available Now

March 18th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

On Thursday, we gave our e-mail list (sign up to your left!) first dibs on the newest limited-edition COLORS notebooks, the Dry Transfer “_______ Edition.” These books look just like our regular Dur-O-Tone “Packing Brown Wrap” graph-paper memo books, but we’ve left off our logo and included a sheet of dry-transfer lettering, allowing you to customize them with any text you like. 3-Packs have sold out but subscriptions are still available, but act fast, when these are gone, you’re once again stuck with the letters F, I, E, L, D, N, O, T, E, and S, placed in an order of our choosing.

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Retail Additions:

Lot o’ Dots for the Map

March 12th, 2011 by Michele Seiler


We’ve been so busy adding new stores to our Field Notes retail family that we haven’t even had time to tell you about them! Since we have added ton of really great retailers, we’ll do a couple of posts over the next week or so to let you know about all of them. Kicking it right off, a big welcome to the folks at Renegade Handmade here in Chicago, IL and Aperture in Cleveland, OH. Next up, say hi to everyone at Blueskies Gifts in Chattanooga, TN. Swinging up north, we make a quick trip to Baltimore, MD and Sixteen Tons and then on down to gorgeous Savannah GA and stop by Arc. On down to Deland, FL and the fine folks at Newfangled Modern Market. Up next is Department Seventeen in San Francisco, CA. Trucking up the coast, we drop in on the good people at Paper Hammer in Seattle WA. Last but certainly not least, we come back home to Field Notes Midwest headquarters in Chicago, IL and the always great Rotofugi. Thanks to all our new Field Notes retailers and welcome to the family!

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Field Notes Public Service Announcement:

50 Two-Letter Codes, 50 Editions

March 10th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell


We know from experience, after shipping thousands of Field Notes County Fair Memo Books to everywhere, that most of the USPS state abbreviations are easy. But darned if we don’t have to look up the “M” states every time. You could have that information and a ton more state-specific data, right at the tip of your fingers if you bought the special Box Set of All Fifty States. Shipping now.

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