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Field Notes “Green Bicycle” Edition

April 25th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

The Spring 2011 edition of Field Notes features a blank cover, allowing users to “fill in the blank” with custom dry transfer type. Travis Fears used his “________” Edition to plan and document the restoration of a battered green ten-speed bicycle. We wholeheartedly endorse any video featuring cheap beer, hand tools, and Futura. Individual Three-Packs of the “________” Edition are sold out, but they’re still available with a FIELD NOTES COLORS subscription.

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Field Notes Public Service Announcement:

April 8th, 2011 by Jim Coudal

Since we started our limited-edition, quarterly runs of COLORS memo books, we have tried to up the ante with each release. It’s going to be difficult to top what we’ve done over the last year, but we’re up for and eager for the challenge.

If you had signed up as a COLORS subscriber around this time a year ago, you would have received two 3-Packs of the states of your choosing from our County Fair edition, along with two 3-Packs of our original Graph Paper books (and a handful of goodies, per usual). That was followed up in the fall with two 3-Packs of the sinister, immensely popular, black-on-black Raven’s Wing edition, which sold out so quickly that individual orders were available for less than 24 hours. Come winter, we released Balsam Fir, and subscribers received two 3-Packs of the Olive memo books with white, high-gloss foil-stamped lettering, along with a gift envelope and gift card to mail one 3-Pack to a note-taking friend for the holidays. Most recently, subscribers found two packs of the Dry Transfer _______ Edition in their mailboxes. A fun nod to the glory days of graphic design, this edition comes with a sheet of rub-on alphabets so you can add your own title to the books.

In total over the last year, COLORS subscribers from have received 10 3-Packs of memo books, a special-edition calendar, lots of pens, pencils, buttons, bands of rubber, and all assortment of goodies in between, plus all shipping to anywhere as well as the piece of mind in knowing that their limited-edition COLORS books would arrive while they were immediately selling out for everyone else. Case in point: our latest, the Dry Transfer ________ Edition, is now sold out.

The only way to get the Dry Transfer _______ Edition now, and to be certain you don’t miss any of what we have cooked up for the next year (you’re going to flip for this summer’s), is through a new COLORS subscription. Whaddya say?

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Field Notes In Action:

The Competition

April 2nd, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

Critical Creig wrote up a comparison of our notebooks to the leading brand. We think there’s plenty of room in the pocket notebook market for variety, and we’ve got nothing against the “M-word,” their backstory may be debatable, but let’s be honest, we’re not farming much here at 400 North May St, Chicago. Creig’s got a lot of good things to say about FIELD NOTES, and he covers pretty much every argument we can think of why you might consider ours the superior product. Thanks for the props, Creig, we truly appreciate it!

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Field Notes In Action · Field Trip:

The Grand (Ave.) Tour

April 2nd, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

Recent FIELD NOTES convert Pete Ruksakiati carefully documented his pilgrimage to our Midwestern Office “Local Will-Call Window” last week. Pete seemed disappointed to learn that our “Local Will-Call Window” was constructed for one photo then promptly disassembled, (though we do still have a “Will-Call Pile On A Desk”) but he had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see our storeroom, and our other storeroom, and our packing room, and our third storeroom, and see the Chicago skyline from our luxurious suites.

We can’t promise we’ll always have time to show visitors around, and we always suspect people will be disappointed when they see what goes on here (remember when Bart Simpson visited the Mad Magazine office?). But guests rarely seem disappointed, and it’s a nice break from our routine (when we have a few minutes to spare). Meeting folks who are excited about what we do… well… it gets us excited all over again! As always, thanks for the support.

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