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Introducing THE STENO

June 18th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

Enjoy this quick film about the production process behind THE STENO. The covers are silk-screened. You might also be interested in our previous printing films covering letterpress and foil stamping.

mononaWe’ve been listening. Devoted Field Notes fans have asked for a larger notebook, something to keep on their desks to go along with our pocket-sized and portable originals. So today we’re announcing the new Field Notes Brand STENO BOOK.

THE STENO is 6″ by 9″ with a black, Double-O Wiring spiral binding at the top, so it lies flat, open or closed. The cover is a beefy 60 pt. “Super Duty Chipboard” from Newark Paperboard Mills, and there are 80 pages of Gregg-Ruled, Finch Paper “Opaque Smooth” 70# text paper inside. We’ve been testing them here and frankly, we wonder how we ever got on without them. They’re the perfect form to keep open on your desk at all times.

THE STENO is available right now, individually and also as part of a newly configured KIT.

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Letterpress and Rounded Corners

June 17th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

Sort of like “How It’s Made,” but with much cooler music. Our new film is about about the making of the Fall COLORS edition, “Raven’s Wing.”

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I Can Go for That

June 17th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

Our Spring 2011 Dry Transfer Edition is way sold out (Dang, I just realized I didn’t save one for myself) but it’s fun to see how people are using them. My personal favorite, though, is Danny Quesada’s tribute to the greatest “Rock and Soul” duo of the late ’70s and early ’80s, pictured here.

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This One Is For Mr. Plunkett

June 17th, 2011 by Aaron

Had a guy call me yesterday afternoon and say, “I saw you in the paper. I want to buy some Field Notes. I’m coming in.” Just like that. Sure. Come on in.

I had a little write-up in the local Willamette Week city paper. Talking about Field Notes. A fast, hot little talk with a spirited reporter. Proud to talk about our little brand whenever and wherever I can. Hell yeah. Mr. Plunkett came in and told me about his son in college, how he was retired and how he appreciated how I mentioned our UPS guy in my little interview. Turns out he worked 32 years with the Big Brown. We talked about how far Portland had come, and how much it had changed. He loved the fact that Field Notes were made in the America. It meant a lot to him.

“How much do I owe ya?” he says, holding his little stack. I look at him and without missing a beat say, “We’re not charging you a cent.”

This is why we do this. Sure, it’s fun to make stuff. It’s a blast to see it show up in so many different stores across America, and hell, the globe. But man, to outfit a fella has NOTHING to do with the way-too-often-frivolous world I worry too much about…man, that’s the best.

The last thing Mr. Plunkett said as he left the shop, “Get to know your UPS guy. Learn his name. He’ll love you for it. Our guy who brings us stuff to Field Notes Northwest is named “Mike.” Always cool, always good to us, always. All these years.

So this post is also for Mike the UPS guy who’s been lugging our goods up to the 5th floor the last three years here in the shop. We loaded Mike up with Field Notes a long time ago, but due to company policy stuff, we can’t really get into that. He uses them, and if our little books make his long days a little easier, then our job is done.

In parting I told him, “Tell you what, use those books. Send us a shot of how you and your son use them.” I can’t wait to see what they come up with. Top billing on this site. Just you wait.

And yes, Field Notes proudly uses UPS with some of our shipping needs. You bet.


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