Field Notes

Field Notes In Action:

A Heartbreaking Story of Loss and Recovery

July 16th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

A letter from a loyal customer:

Dear Field Notes Crew:

This past weekend, I helped two friends move. After going in to work at 7am (a bit hung over, I might add) and working six hours, I helped them load the truck, drive an hour to their new apartment, and unload the truck. About fifteen minutes into the unloading process, in order to keep them from getting any sweatier, I took out the things that I always keep in my left front pocket, and laid them on the kitchen counter: my wallet and my notebooks, the notebooks in this case being a maroon Moleskine Cahier and the Raven’s Wing FIELD NOTES that I’ve been carrying since mid-November. A half-hour or so later, the unloading was finished and as we left to grab dinner, I picked up my wallet and notebook and (so I thought) shoved them into my pocket.

Retracing my steps about an hour later, we realized that in my overworked, still semi-hungover, addled state, I must have laid them on the roof of the car when I got into it, and they fell off at some point in our travels. And so, for the first time in my life, I had
lost my wallet.

About three hours later, I received an email from the local police department telling me that my wallet had been found next to the road by a gas station right off the highway, and that I could pick it up at my convenience. Since my friends were coming down the next day they volunteered to make the pickup for me. The Moleskine is lost, but waiting at the police station were my Raven’s Wing and my wallet, completely intact with ID, and credit cards. Even cash and gift cards were in place and undisturbed. I give credit for the quick, full recovery to the fact that my name and email address are written inside the front cover of my Raven’s Wing.

Or maybe it’s because my wallet says “BAD MOTHER FUCKER” on it.
But it was probably the Raven’s Wing.

Thanks, from a loyal customer for life,

William A. Cockrell