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Vermont Maps and Legends

October 12th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

Our unofficial New England Ambassador (1, 2) Abraham A. Schechter visited Vermont a couple times recently, and of course brought along Vermont “County Fair” FIELD NOTES. He spins a great story with great photos, and it’s amazing to see how he transformed our humble books into something truly personal, useful, and beautiful…

The little book began to look like something of a scrapbook, then as a kind of handbook with needed maps and itineraries. Adding it into pictures, the book resembled a passport. The working, unfinished document en route to becoming an archival document (…) Now I see my document as artifact, and through the pages I can recall the mountains, rivers, and skies that surrounded my steps.

Abraham writes about FIELD NOTES a lot in his blog, and he promises us Maine and Massachusetts writeups soon. Thanks for the field work, Abraham, we’re lucky to have great fans like you spreading the word.

Most “County Fair” state editions are in stock, including the second printing of New York. The few missing states will be back in stock next week.