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The Northerly Edition

November 18th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

Our thirteenth FIELD NOTES COLORS release, for Winter 2011, is called “The Northerly Edition,” and as always, we’re trying a few new ideas. “Northerlies” feature our first-ever coated cover, and it couldn’t be glossier: cast-coated, snow-white Mohawk/Smart Kromekote, milled and finished in Cohoes, New York. The covers feature “Icy Silver” type with an embossed FIELD NOTES logomark.

Inside, you’ll find our usual Finch paper, with a twist: white graph lines on a light, cold, blue-gray background. Each 3-Pack is belly-banded in silver. It’s a new, modern feel for us, and when we say “modern,” we mean 1954 modern. You know, the FUTURE.