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Aaron Gets Refueled

November 15th, 2012 by Jim Coudal

Issue 10 of the great Refueled Magazine features Field Notes Co-Founder Aaron Draplin on the cover and an interview by Chris Brown and photography by Laura Dart. Thanks for that.

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New Things to Put Things In

November 9th, 2012 by Jim Coudal

Subscribers to our email list got a sneak peek at three new products recently. Now everyone else can see them too. Introducing The Archival Wooden Box and two new FIELD NOTES leather goods; the “Pony Express” Leather Pouch and The Gentlemen’s Memo Book Cover. Lots more on these (and a couple more surprises too) very soon.

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Could We Have A Moment of Your Time?

November 6th, 2012 by Bryan Bedell

Please allow us to insert a well-worn wingtip into your front door and we’ll tell you all about our 16th limited-edition FIELD NOTES COLORS release. The TRAVELING SALESMAN EDITION is an old-fashioned ledger book with modern practicality in celebration of the door-to-door salesmen who moved product and kept the American economy humming throughout the last century.

Please take a look at the new release here. Individual 3packs are sold out but you can still get the TRAVELING SALESMAN EDITION by starting a COLORS subscription, then you’ll be all set for Winter, Spring and Summer too.

Door-to-Door, a FIELD NOTES Podcast!

Click to listen.

When we set out to find an expert on the subject of traveling salesmen, we were surprised to find one who lives just up the road from us here in Chicago. Ron Solberg is the author of the highly recommended, foremost guide, The Whizbangs of Oohs and Aahs, which offers up hundreds of stories, anecdotes, quotes, thumbnail biographies, and even a play he wrote, based on a salesman’s diary found in the Newberry Library archives.

The son of a Fuller Brush Man, Solberg worked in traveling sales for years, then moved on to marketing and advertising. These days, he’s a social studies and history teacher. Ron very graciously lent us a good deal of his time and expertise, and shared many stories about the history of traveling sales and the characters therein.

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Field Notes Public Service Announcement:

Our Contract with America
(and Everywhere Else for that Matter)

November 4th, 2012 by Jim Coudal

We don’t send notes to our email subscribers very often but when we do it’s for one of two reasons.

1. The people on our list always get first crack new products before we offer them up for sale on the site or anywhere else. This includes our seasonal limited-editions (like the Winter release which will be announced in a couple weeks) and all other new product launches.

2. We won’t make an offer anywhere else that we don’t also make to our list, so you don’t have to worry about missing a discount or freebie if you’re a subscriber.

That’s pretty much it. Sign up over on the left there, just enter your email address and hit “enter.” It goes without saying we’ll guard your privacy like it was our own. If you decide to quit the list later you can just click an “unsubscribe” link in a mail and you’re out. We’re very good about that.

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New Calendar, New Kit

November 2nd, 2012 by Bryan Bedell

Our “18-Monther Calendar” is back for 2013, it’s in stock and ready to ship now! You get tear-off pages with November 2012 through April 2014 mounted on a new, even thicker, 6×9 backing with all-new “Real Big Days” listed on back. Visit the FIELD NOTES shop to order, and note that the new calendar has been added to “The Kit,” our one-click, low-price collection of Field Notes’ most popular items (pictured above).

Normally, we’d make a great big deal about something like this, but this “18-Monther” is just the tip of an iceberg of new products coming in the next few weeks. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list (top left corner of the site) to get first dibs on several brand-new items we’ll announce very soon. And that’s not even mentioning the Winter COLORS edition, in production now, that we’re ridiculously excited about.

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