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Expedition Edition in Action

January 23rd, 2013 by Bryan Bedell

We’re getting lots of great feedback from Expedition Edition users… here are three of the most interesting uses we’ve seen:

Field Notes user Mikail Soldatov really put the Expedition Edition to the test:


“First we put it in a working concrete mixer with sand for about 2 minutes. Then washed it in a soapy water, then rinsed it. After it dried out it looked brand new!”

Deeker (Ontario, Canada) is on his way to Togo, Africa, he sent a photo of his pre-trip “to do” list:


And Oddly Delightful filled a glaring hole in his “to-do” list system: He often found himself coming up with great ideas in the shower and no way to record them:

“I put your notebook with pencil in my shower today and already started using it… The notebook was so handy during my next shower that before I was done, I added a (third) item, “Take pic for Field Notes.” That item entered my system and, well, here we are.