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The Stars and Their Courses
Summer: The NIGHT SKY Edition

August 15th, 2013 by Jim Coudal


For our nineteenth seasonal release, we’ve created a set of memo books that celebrates the summer starscape above North America. Each of the memo books in the 3-Pack features a slice of the sky (early, mid-, and late summer), as well as important constellations (in holographic foil!) and notes for star gazers. For the summer of 2013, we’re proud to present THE NIGHT SKY EDITION.

Just about a week after release, 3-Packs of the “Night Sky” edition sold out. Thanks everyone! We still have a few packs set aside for subscriptions, so subscribe now to get “Night Sky” and be guaranteed delivery of our next three quarterly COLORS editions. Also remember that many of our retail locations may still have “Night Sky” in stock.)

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Who’s Got What?

July 26th, 2013 by Jim Coudal

If you collect our seasonal limited-editons and other releases and are on Facebook, you might want to check out a group that some Field Notes fans have started there to “discuss editions and to trade or sell their collections.” We’ll pop in when we have relevant information to share too. Thanks to Todd L. for starting the group and to Robert M. for showing his awesome collection.

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Bye, Bye

June 21st, 2013 by Bryan Bedell

Just about a week after release, 3-Packs of “Night Sky” edition FIELD NOTES are now SOLD OUT. We still have a few packs set aside for subscriptions, so subscribe now to get “Night Sky” and be guaranteed delivery of our next three quarterly COLORS editions. Also remember that many of our retail locations may still have “Night Sky” in stock.)

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Colors · Field Trip:

“It’s So Bright and Clear That it Feels Like You Can Practically Walk Out on the Milky Way.”

June 19th, 2013 by Steve Delahoyde


When we were coming up with ideas for what to put together for a short film for the Night Sky Edition, we ran into a couple of issues: First, we’re in Chicago, which is a very large, well-lit city, something that isn’t generally conducive to capturing the infinite vastness of space (on a cloudless night, even a ways out in the country, you’re lucky to see even half a dozen stars). Second, how do you try and capture said impressive vastness? While we thought it all through, we made two determinations: clearly, we needed to go somewhere dark, and maybe we didn’t necessarily need to be constrained by the “short” in short film.


The idea was fairly simple, though complex in the making: for those of us in big metropolitan, light-polluted areas like Chicago who can’t see the night sky very clearly, we wanted to travel to this section of rural Nevada and bring the stars back with us, capturing a full night sky and playing it back in real time.



The story of how this all came to be, is below.
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Colors · Film Archive:

FNC-18a Water Transfer Decal Instructions

April 8th, 2013 by Bryan Bedell

If you ordered the new COLORS limited edition, you may want to watch this video about your “America the Beautiful” water transfer decal. It’s not difficult to apply, but it’s important to follow the directions carefully:


If you didn’t order the new COLORS limited edition, it’s not too late to pick up a couple 3-Packs, or to start a COLORS subscription.

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Colors · Field News:

“America The Beautiful”
Spring COLORS Edition
Available Now!

April 1st, 2013 by Bryan Bedell


Spring is here, and along with warmer weather comes the 18th limited edition FIELD NOTES COLORS notebooks. “America the Beautiful” features three full-color covers: “Spacious Skies,” “Amber Waves,” and “Mountain Majesty,” printed on meaty 15pt coated-one-side Tango cover stock with 1960s imprecision. Inside is Finch Fine “Soft White” paper ruled in “looseleaf blue.” Each pack includes a vibrant water-transfer decal. Read more about it, and see our new film here, then head to to stock up, while they last. Better yet, subscribe to COLORS and never miss an edition, or at least get on our mailing list (enter your email in the form to your left) so you can find out about stuff like this before anyone else!

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An Obsessive’s Guide
to Field Notes COLORS Editions

March 16th, 2013 by Bryan Bedell

anorak [ˈænəˌræk] n. [from Eskimo ánorâq]

  1. (Clothing) a warm waterproof hip-length jacket, usually with a hood
  2. (Informal) a socially inept person with a hobby considered by most people to be boring

Collins English Dictionary ©2003, HarperCollins Publishers

Even casual Field Notes fans are surely familiar with our COLORS limited-edition notebooks and our subscription service. On the COLORS page, we’ve carefully listed all the editions in great detail, but if you’re a true believer, a real anorak, and you’ve always dreamed of spending 40 minutes watching Jim and Bryan tell the stories behind the notebooks, you are our real friends, and today is your lucky day!

The videos below are split into four parts, by year:



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Colors · Field News:

Expedition and Subscription News

February 11th, 2013 by Bryan Bedell


Subscriptions to our Expedition edition are now sold out, along with individual 3-Packs. The good news is, we’re gearing up to print a second Expedition edition and once they’re back in stock, they should remain available indefinitely.

If you’re the “leap of faith” sort and want to be sure to not miss the next four editions, Spring 2013 Subscriptions are available now, though of course we can’t tell you what to expect quite yet!

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Blue Ribbon, Red Ribbon, Yellow Ribbon

January 28th, 2013 by Jim Coudal


Any excuse will do to link up one of my favorite graphics, Bryan’s USA Map, made from our COUNTY FAIR editions.

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Colors · Field Notes In Action:

Expedition Edition in Action

January 23rd, 2013 by Bryan Bedell

We’re getting lots of great feedback from Expedition Edition users… here are three of the most interesting uses we’ve seen:

Field Notes user Mikail Soldatov really put the Expedition Edition to the test:


“First we put it in a working concrete mixer with sand for about 2 minutes. Then washed it in a soapy water, then rinsed it. After it dried out it looked brand new!”

Deeker (Ontario, Canada) is on his way to Togo, Africa, he sent a photo of his pre-trip “to do” list:


And Oddly Delightful filled a glaring hole in his “to-do” list system: He often found himself coming up with great ideas in the shower and no way to record them:

“I put your notebook with pencil in my shower today and already started using it… The notebook was so handy during my next shower that before I was done, I added a (third) item, “Take pic for Field Notes.” That item entered my system and, well, here we are.

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