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Sharing an Uncommon Wealth of Sketches

November 8th, 2013 by Bryan Bedell

We love seeing how FIELD NOTES are used, and luckily we get a lot of scans and photos from customers via email, our facebook page, and our flickr group. But rarely do we get to see and hold a well-worn, completed notebook full of ideas and sweat and love. Christopher Versackas was kind enough to send us a yellow Massachusetts “County Fair” full of drawings of noted Bay Staters. Titled “A Collection of Portraits of the Historic and Influential from or Involved with the Greate State Commonwealth* of Massachusetts XOXO,” the book includes a couple dozen drawings (in a variety of mediums) including historical figures (Anne Hutchison, John Adams); authors (Jack Kerouac, Henry David Thoreau); artists (John Singer Sargent, Chris Burden); musicians (“State Luminary” J. Mascis, Jonathan Richman); and anarchists (Bartolomeo Vanzetti, Nicola Sacco). We wrote to thank Christopher and confirm his address so we could mail it back. He replied “Please feel free to keep the physical copy. Sharing the final result with others has always been my favorite part of the sketchbook process.”

In the spirit of Chris’ kind act of sharing, we’ve scanned the whole book using our nifty new Doxie Flip. Here’s the entire book, (compiled in the Doxie software) both as a full resolution PDF book (14.3MB) and a scaled-down web-resolution PDF (1.7MB). Chris says “I hope it encourages others to pick up a pen and start doodling too”, and we ask that you respect Christopher’s intellectual property and use the book only for your personal perusal/inspiration. (If we see Robert Lowell t-shirts on Etsy, there will be trouble.) Thanks, Christopher!

* A more cynical observer could argue that Christopher’s act of kindness was essentially a passive-agressive reminder that Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky describe themselves as “Commonwealths,” not states. During our extensive “County Fair” research, this was considered, but it was decided that we didn’t have time for their persnicketiness (never mind that we opted to spell Hawai’i with an apostrophe). Perhaps with future reprints, we’ll reconsider our decision, though residents of those four states will need to step up their FIELD NOTES consumption to clear out existing inventory.

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Field Notes In Action · Idea File:

FN iPhone UI Hack

October 1st, 2013 by Bryan Bedell


Dan Provost is a UI designer and he’s come up with a nifty hack to sketch up iPhone interface ideas in his FIELD NOTES. His write-up includes downloadable artwork to order your own stamp, but other possibilities are, as they say, endless. Thanks to Enon on Field Nuts for the link!

(btw, Dan’s site name “The Russians Used a Pencil” is a reference to a not-entirely-true story about the development of the Fisher Space Pen, which we just happen to have for sale. Synergy!

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Right On John

August 4th, 2011 by Jim Coudal

For one guy, writing is fun again with Field Notes. Thanks for that.

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Field Notes “Green Bicycle” Edition

April 25th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

The Spring 2011 edition of Field Notes features a blank cover, allowing users to “fill in the blank” with custom dry transfer type. Travis Fears used his “________” Edition to plan and document the restoration of a battered green ten-speed bicycle. We wholeheartedly endorse any video featuring cheap beer, hand tools, and Futura. Individual Three-Packs of the “________” Edition are sold out, but they’re still available with a FIELD NOTES COLORS subscription.

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February 16th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

Brent Phillips of Toronto recieved a FIELD NOTES Northerly 3 pack and Bic Clic pen as a Christmas gift from a friend…

…To thank her i wanted to send her a page from the book with something from me. So, in conversation, I asked her where her roots are; the name of the town her parents came from in Italy. With the help of Google Maps and Google Pictures i located a beautiful shot of the town Soverato, and i sketched it in the centrefold page of my first book, detatched it, and included the sketch with my return gift to her. She loved it so much, she puchased an antique frame and hung it on the wall of her bedroom.

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And Don’t Flop About

October 21st, 2010 by Bryan Bedell


Field Notes loyalist Jonty Bell from Sydney, Australia wrote in with this new product idea for a storage box. Drop a line to crew@ and let us know what you think.

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“A Toque and Some Headphones”

September 1st, 2010 by Bryan Bedell


An embarrassingly late shout out to Audra of the long-running and great Nemu*Nemu comic. Ages ago, Audra sent us an awesome limited-edition Gocco-printed Field Notes notebook featuring Nemu and Anpan in Bob and Doug McKenzie garb, created in an edition of 15 to sell at a Canadian comics convention. The Canuckophile’s dream notebook references the album-only pre-song banter with Geddy Lee on “Take Off,” and we’re going to assume the root beer is a reference to Canada’s second-most-beloved-brothers.

Audra and her Gocco have been cranking out customized FIELD NOTES for a while now, and you’re in luck, the current “Up Up and Away” version is available now in the Nemu shop.

UPDATE: Audra posted more photos of older editions on her blog, and they’re promising new editions for October and November.

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Good Leather

July 20th, 2010 by Aaron


Here’s some great coverage of Brimfield’s summer offering from the good people of A Continuous Lean. So awesome. I had an INCREDIBLE time there a couple months back, and am enjoying my treasures hourly. Here’s a little something I got at Brimfield, for two bucks. Two bucks.

That’s my way of carrying extra Field Notes, in the bag, or on the road.

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Two Day Magazine

May 6th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell

We couldn’t resist this idea. A big group of very smart people are going to create, edit and publish and honest-to-goodness magazine in 48 hours this weekend. The theme will be announced tomorrow for the 48 Hour Magazine Project and we’re proud to say Field Notes is one of the sponsors of this madness. Here’s more on the project and our participation from Alissa Walker for Fast Company.

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Field Notes + Evernote = Awesome

March 10th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell

One of our favorite people, Interaction Design czar Brendan Dawes, is using some of our favorite software, Evernote to catalog his FIELD NOTES.

For each Field Note book I simply scanned (…) each double spread (…) Then I made a new notebook in Evernote and dropped them in.

Here’s the killer thing though. Evernote indexes handwritten notes and makes the text searchable. It’s not perfect but it now means that my Field Notes archive is now searchable. It also means that they’re always with me; on my iPhone, the web or on my desktop.

Evernote made their own custom-branded FIELD NOTES way back in October 2008, we’ve always known that Evernotes and FIELD NOTES were a match made in heaven.

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