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Just About The Best Name Ever

February 11th, 2010 by Aaron


Ladies and Gentleman, we bring you none other than Clint David Walkingstick.

If that isn’t just about the best name ever, I don’t know what is. Nevertheless, Clint’s on to something with his cunning use of our “FN-09” General-Purpose Band of Rubber: “A good way to keep the cards tight and right.”

Clint’s a busy guy. He makes shirts, runs a lively blog and is a graphic designer with a way with words.

I’m gonna give this one a try here in Berlin. I’ve got my cards, a Field Notes Band of Rubber and an iron will.

Thanks, Clint David Walkingstick. That is one hell of a name.

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January 4th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell


Our friend Jill Kuczmarski was at a Hamilton Wood Type Museum workshop up in Wisconsin a couple weeks ago. The Workshop was led by Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print fame, who brought along some vintage lumber from Hatch’s Collection.”


Jill noticed her classmate, AIGA Wisconsin VP Gage Mitchell, loading up his FIELD NOTES memo books with Hatch imagery and cuts from Hamilton’s “Globe Collection,” the results of which are shown here. Thanks for the images, Gage!


Gage and Jill add that Jim Moran and the other people who run the museum are “ridiculous nice and need all the support they can get.” Supporting the Hamilton Wood Type Museum also scores you some good benefits and allows you to use their print shop for $35/day.

UPDATE: The film Typeface, a documentary about the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, is playing later this month at the Siskel Film Center in Chicago. (Thanks, STA Chicago!)

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Use #485 for “FN-09” Band of Rubber

December 4th, 2009 by Michele Seiler

If your monitor starts sliding backwards because the foot has no grip, tape a FIELD NOTES “FN-09” Band of Rubber on the bottom of the foot and get back to work. Solid.

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Laser Action!

October 9th, 2009 by Aaron


The good people of NewCity in Blacksburg, Virginia got a wild hair and did some laser cutter experimenting on a “Butcher Orange” Field Notes memo book. That’s what you are seeing above. That logo is etched in for the ages!

And check that little “NewCity” tag on the edge. Nice little touch!

Glenn “Helvetica Tramp Stamp” Sorrentino manhandled the laser, Sara Andrew took the shot and Brian Maddox put the whole thing together for public consumption. A team effort with awesome results.

Field Notes internal wholeheartedly endorses all customization of our memo books. Now is the time! Get creative, people.

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September 18th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell


We’ve seen a few exceptional FIELD NOTES hacks lately, including a desk organizer and an ax sheath, but Terry Tolleson’s FIELD NOTES WALLET is definitely among the FIELD NOTES hackery elite. We’ll let Terry describe it:

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out how to streamline my pockets. I love FIELD NOTES memo books, but having both back pockets loaded can be a real bummer. So, the natural course of action was to get back down to utilizing just the one. Cramming both a mini sketchbook and a wallet into the same pocket doesn’t really aid in my dilemma, however.

Enter my first real hack of a FIELD NOTES memo book (or any book, for that matter): The FIELD NOTES WALLET.

This one is the plain book with the inside front cover having a pocket to hold my license. The credit card pocket is on the outside of the main money pouch. The credit cart pocket can hold about 5-6 cards, and on the opposite side is a secured 5 yen coin. And a well placed Item No. FN-09 General Purpose Band of Rubber keeps it all locked down and comfy.

This way, I always have a sketchbook on hand to take down info or just doodle inside my wallet while waiting for change from the barista.

I used black photographer’s tape to put it all together.

Awesome, Terry, thanks! Keep those hacks coming, everyone, we love to see what you’re doing with FIELD NOTES.

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Feldnotizbücher* in Deutschland

July 17th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

FIELD NOTES desk organizer
Feldnotizbücherhack alert! Christian at got his order of FIELD NOTES about a month ago and wrote all about our “coolness-faktor.” A week or so later, he was inspired to use one of his memo books and an “FN-09 Band of Rubber” to create a handy note organizer (or as we call them around the office, a “Notizenhalter”). Meta! DIY! We love that kind of thinking. The instructions are all in his post “Ein Fächer aus der Fächerstadt.” Thanks, Christian!

(*I don’t speak any German, I pretty much made up the word “Feldnotizbücher,” typed it into Google images, and saw a picture of Charles Darwin and figured I was on the right track.)

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Hip to be Square

February 24th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

Sorry about that headline, but it couldn’t be more appropriate: FIELD NOTES user Alan Houser writes:

I thought I would send you my literal version of a Field Notes Hack.

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Weekly Hollywood FIELD NOTES planner

November 20th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell


Requests for a variety of FIELD NOTES shapes, sizes, and contents have been flowing in for months now. A handful of people have suggested FIELD NOTES day planners, and we just might roll that out for 2010, but Britt Leach of Veritas: Any Day Now has appointments to organize NOW, so he armed himself with a handsome old-school pica gauge (any straight edge will work) and and took matters in his own hands:
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October 1st, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

Field Notes with Evernote stamp
Our slogan, “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now,” works for us, but it could equally apply to our friends over at Evernote. As their (superb) elephant logo suggests, Evernote is also in the memory biz. Their software and web services organize and manage all your notes, photos, web links, clippings, and such, and synchronize them across all your devices. If your ideas and inspirations vibrate between paper and screen, like ours do, you might want to check it out. Imagine being able to dig through all your filed-away FIELD NOTES on your iPhone when you need ’em!

But we’re not here to promote Evernote, that’s their job, and they do it well. We’re here to sell FIELD NOTES, and we wanted to show you how Evernote customized their memo books: they used rubber stamps. And it looks great. As you may know, we can custom-print your logo on a moderate-to-large quantitiy of FIELD NOTES. But if custom-printing is beyond your needs, budget, or deadline, a rubber-stamped logo or slogan looks right at home within the FIELD NOTES aesthetic. If you’re interested in custom-printing or a bulk order, give Michele a call.

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“field notes” (lowercase F & N)

September 24th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

“Field notes modeled after sociology field notes handbound into a book modeled after a hipster notebook company’s take on sociology field notebooks.”

We’re hipsters? Is that possible? We’re like 40 and stuff.

Neat project, but stop shattering our illusion of integrity. Forget you ever saw this. Consume! For America!

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