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Vintage Memo Book Archive:

Wedding Crashers

June 17th, 2014 by Bryan Bedell

FIELD NOTES are invited to plenty of weddings; as wedding party gifts, guest favors, guestbooks, and often filled with vows, speeches, and prayers on the big day. But as @jacobwelchans tweeted recently, sometimes they sneak in, uninvited…


“I used my FIELD NOTES as a contact directory and pretty much overall wedding planner. Both of my brothers [Lucas and Eron, pictured] wrote the notes for their speeches in theirs. Our photographer saw me checking my notebook before the wedding and asked about it, and then asked if anyone else in my party had them, and both of my brothers pulled theirs out. My mom had hers too but wasn’t there at the time. My entire family (including my new wife) is all big fans of your company and product. I LOVE the shelterwood pack I recently purchased. My older brother carries the leather wallet. My wife used your steno pad for her wedding notes.”

Congratulations, Jake and Sylvia! Write it down now, and remember it forever!

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Vintage Memo Book Archive:

Pertinent Details

January 11th, 2013 by Jim Coudal

“I could see all the things I’m supposed to look at as a designer, but then I would look at regular stuff and the ‘undesign’ in that, the beauty in that, and became interested in functional things instead of beautiful things.” Aaron speaks to Farm Collector Magazine about the origins of Field Notes and his massive Memo Book Archive.

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Vintage Memo Book Archive:

Grow ‘Em Asgrow

February 18th, 2011 by Aaron

Just some thick-lined logo logo action on a Friday. And carrots. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Vintage Memo Book Archive:

Their Flaming Spirit

June 17th, 2010 by Aaron


So it’s 1975 or 1976 and good Americans are celebrating their Bicentennial, right? A high time. 200 years young. And the family farm is going strong, with tough times on the horizon in those ’80s.

Here’s a little snippet from the back of this memo book to get that agrarian blood pumping:

“Leap ahead into America’s future.

Her Flag still flys (sic) high and proud. There are many more Americans. Typically, they are hard at work enjoying their homes and families. They have plenty of wholesome top-quality food. They remain free.

But what incites them to accept the call of a future America’s demand for food and fiber?

It is in their Creed: “I believe in the future of farming, with a faith born not of words, but of deeds — achievements  of agriculturists…I believe that rural America can and will hold true to the best traditions of our national life…”

And it is their Heritage. Men who molded America came from farms and plantations — farmer statesman of the past like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. They understood the challenge of change. They fought for their beliefs. They took risks. Their flaming spirit served as a high standard which generations of Americans have endeavored to emulate.

Future Farmers today are inspired by these same heroes of our Nation and her agriculture. The vigor of their youth drives them onward. FFA members are A FUTURE FOR AMERICA!”

There you go, people. The entire Field Notes enterprise would like to take this opportunity to tip our hat to the American farmer. Thank you.

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Vintage Memo Book Archive:

Minnesota Power & Light, 1968

May 13th, 2010 by Aaron


Man, we’ve been on a real Minnesota kick with our ongoing memo book archive offerings. They just always did it right, way up there in that Upper Midwest.

And today, that’s we’ve got for ya. So many great memo books out of the middle lands.

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Vintage Memo Book Archive:

“The Co-Op Way”

May 3rd, 2010 by Aaron


Man, we love grain elevators. There’s just not much more to say about it than that.

I just drove across the prairie and there’s just something soothing about looking out over the expanses to see these towering castles dotting the landscape. One after another, all the way out west across that Midwest.

From the earth to the tower, to the rail car down on the rail, then to you.

Here’s a great Flickr set that shares the same sentiment called “I Love Grain Elevators.”

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Vintage Memo Book Archive:

Masterful Ways From The Past

April 6th, 2010 by Aaron


Man, that is some wicked type in that little yellow triangle!

“Farwell Ozmun Kirk and Co, St. Paul”

Sure, bit of a mouthful but check out how they got that stuff to “point” at their list of wholesale hardware items?!

All of this, on the cover of a long-forgotten memo book, luckily dug up by little ol’ me somewhere in my loose travels. I can’t remember if I got it out of a widow’s junk drawer or antique shop or maybe even from some shark-toothed “picker” off an online auction service called “eBay.” The exact place and time escapes me, but that ain’t what’s important. It is rescued and spared from the landfill, burn pile or local pulp recycler.

Here it is, for the ages, to think about when you use your Field Notes brand memo books. All these old books we find factor into how we curate Field Notes for you, and for the world, always thinkin’ about the masterful ways of the past.

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Vintage Memo Book Archive:

American Fence Memorandum Books

April 13th, 2009 by Aaron


Man, that is one good lookin’ memo book.

I’ll forever be blown away by the beauty of these little books. Ya just never know what you’re gonna find out there. So much beauty, and so often forgotten.

I can’t quite remember where I found this one, and there’s something a little bit sad about that. What’s important is that I got my dirty mitts on it, and it’s in safe hands now in the Field Notes master archives, for the ages.

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Good Looking Hybrid

December 11th, 2008 by Aaron


Sure, we love old memo books. We like the old type, the aged paper and the ancient handwriting that might populate a page. Ghosts. So many ghosts.

And we also love the somewhat more contemporary examples from the 70s and 80s. Come one, come all. All have a home with Field Notes.

“Trusted Family Seedsmen.” We like the sound of that. Good work if you can get it.

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Vintage Memo Book Archive:

Meat Crosses

November 6th, 2008 by Aaron

\"Those are some mean-ass chickens right there, man...\"

I don’t know what a “meat cross” is, but I do know this, I won’t be messing with the chickens of Hubbard Farms anytime soon. Scary little birds, man. Yikes.

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