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Our Kind of Memo Book

January 19th, 2016 by Bryan Bedell

Our new Chicago Edition, a tribute to our Midwest HQ home. 3-Packs available now!

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Flight Log: Check!

December 2nd, 2015 by Bryan Bedell

FN_flightlogAmWhen Adam Savage needed a Flight Log to keep track of his quadcopter flights for and Mythbusters missions, he took matters into his own hands and made his own. Then we joined forces and made it even better. The Field Notes/ Flight Log is available now, great for hobbyists and professionals piloting any sort of any remote flying gizmo.

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18-Month Workstation Calendars

October 13th, 2014 by Jim Coudal

An old friend is back. We’re taking orders on these beefy, chip-board backed 18-month calendars. The new edition is 6″ x 9″ and will fit perfectly next to the bookshelf, or in the garage hanging above the air compressor, or in an office cubicle, or by that screen door at the summer place that makes such a racket when the breeze slams it shut. Just $11.95 each.

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A Delivery from Outer Space

August 15th, 2014 by Jim Coudal

The handsome and versatile FIELD NOTES Space Pens in matte black and the iconic chrome are now back in stock! They go perfectly with our virtually indestructible EXPEDITION EDITION of memo books.

Jimmy Stamp for Smithsonian Magazine on the history of the Space Pen, To Boldly Write Where No Man Has Written Before.

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Are We There Yet?

May 22nd, 2014 by Jim Coudal

Summer. Cars. The “License Plate Game.” Holiday Inn Swimming Pools. Pecan Logs. FIELD NOTES. It’s time to start planning your summer road trip and we can help make it great with our new ROAD TRIP KIT.

Above, we map a 1700-mile drive from the Field Notes Midwest HQ to the unbelievably beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Our route passes through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona–six mighty fine states. Wouldn’t it be great to document the trip, state-by state, in a series of Field Notes “County Fair” notebooks? Here’s your chance! Even if you’re not hitting the road, you’ll find plenty of great uses for notebooks featuring your favorite six states.

Each ROAD TRIP KIT includes an 80-page Field Notes Steno notebook for pre-trip planning, ANY SIX individual county Fair State editions (you’ll get an email asking you to select six states after you place your order), six Field Notes Brand #2 Woodgrain pencils, and other goodies.

Grab the atlas from under your passenger seat, fill up the tank, and order today! The Field Notes Brand ROAD TRIP KIT is just $26.95 and it’s shipping right now.

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Winter COLORS: Bundle Up with Cold Horizon

January 20th, 2014 by Bryan Bedell

ch_snowThis winter’s FIELD NOTES COLORS limited-edition release has been revealed! “Cold Horizon” is a glossy blue 3-pack that’s perfect for gift-giving, and it’s available now. Get ’em while they last, and check out our new film, Winter Almanac, for sound advice for the season. Get all the details here.

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And Everything in Its Place

November 13th, 2013 by Jim Coudal


For some of us, the items we choose to put in our pockets each day are selected with cool, scientific logic. Everything has a purpose and serves that purpose in a well-designed, compact and efficient way. Now, it goes without saying that a Field Notes Brand Memo Book is essential and for many people, some sort of wallet for cash, ID’s and cards is too. So, we worked with Iron & Resin in Ventura, California to create the Field Notes Brand “Everyday Carry” which organizes all your stuff in one beautiful package. Check out the newest addition to our line of leather goods, along with the “Pony Express” Leather Pouch and the Gentlemen’s Memo Book Cover too.

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November 7th, 2013 by Bryan Bedell


Halloween seems like as good a day as any to announce a new addition to the FIELD NOTES line-up, so please welcome “Pitch Black.”

You’ve been asking for an open-edition black notebook.

You’ve been asking for a open-edition dot-grid notebook.


Well, here are both, in one! “Pitch Black” features French 100-lb “Blacktop” covers with “Stealth Gray” text. Inside is our 50-lb Finch Opaque Smooth text paper, with a light-gray dot grid. It’s bound with shiny black staples and features an all-new list of Practical Applications. And best of all, it’s not a limited edition, we made plenty for everyone and we’ll keep it in stock until black goes out of style. (Like that’ll happen.)

FN21 PitchBlack4webFN21-PitchBlack3web

Whatever they’re calling the “new black,” forget about it. Only black is black, and nothing’s blacker than black, and black goes with everything. This book will look great in a tux or a greasy leather jacket. It can record performance notes atop a grand piano, or take note of f-stops rubber banded to a thrift-store camera.

We’ve added it to our shop page, or you can order a 3-Pack or a couple 3-Packs, or as many as you’d like, right here:

Order Pitch Black in the Shop

Speaking of infinite darkness, the release of “Pitch Black” marks the retirement of our Red Blooded edition. We kept good ol’ Red in stock for a couple years and three printings and it was a favorite, but we figured it was time to move on. Maybe we’ll see “Red Blooded” make a comeback someday, but for now, (as of November 4, 2013) “Red Blooded” is sold out.

Just to be super-clear: “Pitch Black” is a new standard offering and not part of the limited-edition COLORS subscription series. Don’t confuse it with the Summer 2013 COLORS edition, “Night Sky,” which sold out months ago, or the Winter 2013 COLORS edition, which will be announced in November.

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2014 “18-Monther” Available Now!

September 23rd, 2013 by Bryan Bedell


In a rare instance of a FIELD NOTES project finished ahead of schedule, our new 2014 “18-Monther” calendar is hot off the presses and available for purchase. Specs match the 2013 ediiton: 6×9″ heavy chipboard backing, tear-off months from November 2013 through April 2015, and “Real Big Days” on the back. We’re pretty sure our crack proofreading team didn’t include any fictional dates this year.

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Lucky 13, and Mixed 3-Packs are Back!

February 14th, 2013 by Bryan Bedell

For those keeping track, we’ve just printed the 13th run of Field Notes kraft-cover notebooks. That means Mixed 3-Packs (graph/ruled/plain, shown above) are back in stock (available in the shop). As we run out of other 12th-printing 3-Packs, you’ll start seeing those in your online orders and in shops, too. What does this mean for you? Nothing, really, there’s been no change to our kraft books over the last several printings, we just wanted to share this milestone and let you know about the Mixed 3-Packs.

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