Field Notes

To Every Season

FN_COLOR_ICONSince Winter 2008, we’ve experimented with variations on our classic memo books. The series explores various themes, new papers, printing processes, and colors, frequently adding special packaging and other extras.

Four times each year we create a new Quarterly Edition and they tend to sell out pretty quickly. To avoid missing one, and to save some cash, you can purchase a year-long subscription to receive two packs of the current Quarterly Edition, plus two each of the next three, as they are released.

Frequently, you’ll receive subscriber-exclusive items and other goodies with your shipments. Occasionally you’ll also receive an extra shipment when we have something special to share. We’ll also include two 3-Packs of our classic Kraft Memo Books with your first shipment.

Subscriptions are $97 and all shipping to USA destinations is included. When Editions are released, subscriber packages ship first.

Here’s our current Quarterly Edition and everything that came before it…

Spring 2016:
Sweet Tooth

Printed 3/16, Edition size: 30,000 packs

Brighten up your Spring with our candy-colored 30th limited-edition release, “Sweet Tooth.” Each book is a solid block of bright color all the way through, with a Field Notes first: perforated pages! More info here.

Order a Sweet Tooth subscription and receive a personalized 2-Pack of Commemorative Reprints. Check the details here.

Winter 2015:

Printed 11/15, Edition size: 25,000 packs

Our 29th COLORS edition is nearly magical: The white covers turn blue in bright sunlight! The cover text sparkles with "interference' pearlescent ink. 60# paper inside is ruled with very light gray graph lines. More info here.

Fall 2015:

Printed 9/15, Edition size: 40,000 packs

Watch fall arrive as you open the covers of our 28th COLORS edition. Three green books, "Sweet Birch," "Chestnut Oak," and "Red Maple" open to reveal the trees' fall colors in custom-duplexed French papers. There's graph paper inside, and they're wrapped in a birch veneer bellyband. More info here.

Summer 2015:
Workshop Companion

Printed 6/15, Edition size: 17,000 boxes

COLORS #27 is a boxed set with six books to help you with all those DIY projects around the house. Wood Working, Automotive, Plumbing, Gardening, Painting, and Electrical books on French's new "Kraft-Tone" stock, in a custom slipcase with decal sheet. More info here.

Spring 2015:
Two Rivers

Printed 3/15, Edition size: 25,000 packs

COLORS edition #26 benefits Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum with a variety of hand-set wood type designs in a variety of colors on mixed French papers. Our standard graph paper is inside, bound with three copper staples. More info here.

Winter 2014:

Printed 11/14, Edition size: 30,000 packs

Get stuff done with our 25th COLORS limited edition! 3-Pack features a Speckletone "Olive" ledger, "Chocolate" 56-week planner and "Wine" graph memo book. Did we mention they're gilded!? They'll make a great holiday gift, if you can bring yourself to give them away. More info here.

Fall 2014:

Printed 9/14, Edition size: 20,000 packs

The 24th COLORS release is a mystery until it's opened! Each 3-Pack is an opaque black sleeve with a random selection of three of six new versions inside. You don't know what you're getting and we don't know what we're shipping. More info here.

Summer 2014:
Arts and Sciences

Printed 5/14, Edition size: 25,000 packs

The 23rd COLORS release is a 2-Pack of bigger "Note Book" sized FIELD NOTES, an "Arts" book with a wine-colored cover and alternating plain/ruled pages, and a "Sciences" book in slate gray with plain/engineering graph paper inside. Both are packed with useful facts and subscribers get a pair of matching 1 1/2" buttons. More info here.

Spring 2014:

Printed 3/14, Edition size: 75,000 books

Real American cherry wood covers bound to a kraft substrate. Inside is heavy Finch Fine "Soft White" paper ruled in "maidenhair" light green. More info here.

Winter 2013:
Cold Horizon

Printed 11/13, Edition size: 60,000 books

A blue gradient across three very glossy UV-coated 120-lb Appleton Utopia One covers. Insides are Finch Opaque 50-lb text stock, tinted a different color in each book — light green, light blue, and cool gray — all with a light gray 3/16″ graph grid. More info here.

Fall 2013:
Drink Local

Printed 9/13, Edition size:
30,000 "Ales" books, 30,000 "Lagers" books

Drink Up! "Drink Local" Ales and Lagers editions feature heavyweight New Page Sterling Premium 120# covers with a “soft touch” varnish. Each book represents a different brew, with a brief history of each style on the back cover. Inside is Finch Opaque Smooth 50# text paper with a “Hefeweizen” yellow-orange graph grid, all bound together with bright gold staples. 3-Packs include a letterpress-printed coaster. Subscribers receive a chipboard "6-Pack Carrier."
More info here.

Summer 2013:
Night Sky

Printed 6/13, Edition size: 45,000 books
Hey, Nineteen! "Night Sky" features French Construction "Blacktop" 100# cover paper with grey text and three groups of constellations highlighted in silver holofoil on the back. Inside is Finch Opaque "Bright White" text paper, with a grey "reticle graph."
More info here.

Spring 2013:
America The Beautiful

Printed 3/13, Edition size: 45,000 books
The 18th edition features three full-color covers, "Spacious Skies," "Amber Waves," and "Mountain Majesty" printed on meaty 15pt coated-one-side cover stock with 1960s imprecision. Inside is Finch Fine "Soft White" paper ruled in "looseleaf blue." 3-Packs include a water-transfer decal. More info here.

Winter 2012:

Printed 11/12, First printing: 60,000 books
Hi-visibility "Antarctic Survey Orange" front cover and "Polar Night Black" back cover, with a subtle varnish effect featuring a topographic map of Antarctica. Body pages feature our popular 'dot grid' graph paper. Printed on waterproof, tear-resistant Yupo Synthetic Paper. Tough and ready for action. More info. Perfect with our FIELD NOTES Space Pen.

Fall 2012:
Traveling Salesman

Printed 10/12, Edition size: 24,000 books
Our 16th edition pays tribute to the door-to-door salesmen who moved product and kept the American economy humming throughout the last century. The covers are "Hot Fudge" from The French Paper Company printed with a metallic gold ink and embossed logo. Interior pages are "Eye-Ease" green with green and red ledger rules. Includes an official button indentifying the wearer as an official representative of the Field Notes Brand Co. More info here

Summer 2012:
Day Game

Printed 07/12, Edition size: 18,000 books
Perfect with peanuts and Cracker Jack, the 15th Field Notes COLORS edition feature Outfield Green, Infield Brown, and Hardball White 100# French Paper Co. covers with dot-grid paper inside. The edition also includes Field Notes Brand Books' first release, A Drive into the Gap by Kevin Guilfoile. More info here

Spring 2012:
National Crop

Printed 04/12, Edition size: 7500 boxes
The 14th COLORS edition goes back to our agricultural roots with a custom-boxed set of six notebooks paying tribute to America's top six crops; corn, soybeans, hay, wheat, cotton and sorghum. Each book features a different French Paper Co. cover and tan graph paper inside. The box also includes a handy reference poster and a 3" "Crop Edition" patch for your overalls. More info here

Winter 2011:

Printed 11/11, Edition size: 18,000 books
COLORS' lucky 13th edition features our first coated cover, Mohawk/Smart Kromekote with "Icy Silver" text and an embossed FIELD NOTES logotype. The interior pages are our first colored paper, with a white grid on light blue-gray 50# Finch Opaque text paper. It’s a new, modern feel for us, and when we say “modern,” we mean "1954 modern." You know, the FUTURE. More info here

Fall 2011:
Fire Spotter

Printed 10/11, Edition size: 12,000 books
This dozen-th COLORS edition celebrates forestry and tall towers with a French Construction "Electric Red" cover, hand-printed on a vintage Miehle vertical press at Flywheel Letterpress, with the "Fire Spotter" logo on the back. The interior pages are a light-gray “Dot Grid” pattern. The 3-Pack includes a custom "Always Watching" tattoo from Tattly. More info here

Summer 2011:
American Tradesman

Printed 6/11, Edition size: 15,000 books
Our 11th COLORS edition features a Neenah 120# duplex cover, "Indigo Blue" on the outside with a vertical linear finish and "Jefferson Nickel" metallic silver type. The inside cover is a smooth "Avalanche White" printed in "Concord Red." The inside paper is 50# Finch Opaque printed with a light cool-gray graph. 3-Pack includes a sturdy 7" carpenter pencil and a Field Notes Workshop Reference Card featuring instructions for sharpening. More info here

Spring 2011:
Dry Transfer

Printed 3/11, Edition size: 15,000 books
The tenth COLORS limited edition looks like our regular Dur-o-Tone "Packing Brown Wrap" 3-Pack with graph paper, but omits our logo and includes a sheet of dry-transfer lettering, allowing you to customize the notebooks with your own text. More info here

Winter 2010: Balsam Fir

Printed 12/10, Edition size: 10,500 books / 3500 gift packs
The ninth quarterly installment of FIELD NOTES COLORS features white, high-gloss, foil-stamped type on a 100# French Paper Company Speckletone "Olive" cover. The insides of the covers are printed in “Wet Bark Black” and the graph paper is graph-lined in a sweet “Coniferous Green.” More info here

Fall 2010: Raven's Wing

Printed 10/10, Edition size: 15000 books / 5000 packs
From our secret underground laboratory, FIELD NOTES offers the sinister RAVEN’S WING, our eighth quarterly installment in our COLORS series. The covers were printed by Flywheel Letterpess in Freeport, Illinois on an American-made, black-and-charcoal duplex linen cover stock from Neenah. The outside cover is letterpress-debossed and varnished, black-on-black. The charcoal-colored inside cover is printed in black on a vintage offset press. The graph paper is lined in grey and the 3-Packs come shrink-wrapped with a lovely French Paper Co. “Butcher Orange” belly-band. More info here

Summer 2010: County Fair

Printed 6/10, Edition size: So complicated
Even more ambitious than the Packet of Sunshine, our Summer 2010 edition consisted of different covers for all 50 states, with 100# Neenah Sundance Linen covers printed in blue-, red-, and yellow-ribbon ink with "Forty-Niner Boomtown" gold text. Insides were "Babe the Blue Ox Underbelly" graph. The County Fair edition was also available as a boxed set of 50 state notebooks. More info here

Spring 2010: Packet of Sunshine

Printed 2/10, 12,000 books/4000 packs
French Pop-Tone "Lemon Drop" 100# cover, "Ray of Light" graph. Covers printed in three colors: simple, semi-transparent red, green, and orange (the red is actually Rhodamine). Packaged in a custom top-loading kraft-paper packet with a string and button closure and included a small bag of marigold seeds and a die-cut card with growing instructions. Normally our printer assembles and shrink wraps our 3-packs, but this time the books were delivered loose with the components coming from three different printers (and a seed shop!) and everything was assembled in-house, keeping us busy for about two weeks. More info here.

Winter 2009/10: Just Below Zero

Printed 9/09, 9000 books/3000 packs
French Dur-O-Tone "Steel Grey," Pop-Tone "Sno Cone," and Construction "Steel Blue" 100# covers, "Frostbite" graph. Featured double hit metallic silver type on the cover. Secret revealed: the "Steel Blue" book has grey printing on the inside. The silver ink was just too hard to read at small text sizes. More info here.

Fall 2009: Mackinaw Autumn

Printed 9/09, 7500 books/2500 packs
French Pop-Tone "Tangy Orange" and "Orange Fizz" and Construction "Safety Orange" 100# covers, "Double Knee Duck Canvas" graph. Our first multi-colored 3-Pack. While all three colors were called "orange," they were more regularly described as "red, orange, and brown." More info here.

Summer 2009: Grass Stain Green

Printed 6/09, 5000 books/1650 packs
French Pop-Tone "Gumdrop Green" 80# cover, "Green Mind" graph. The covers were letterpress-printed by hand at Flywheel Letterpress and feature a heavy impression with a tinted varnish for a 'debossed' look. More info here.

Spring 2009: Butcher Extra Blue

Printed 1/09, 1500 books/500 packs
French Dur-O-Tone "Butcher Extra Blue" 80# cover, "Double Knee Duck Canvas" graph. Note that the first two COLORS were printed together in the same quantity. When these went on press, we had no plans for quarterly COLORS, or subscriptions so when we released Butcher Extra Blue, we sold out almost immediately. Blue is actually harder to find than Orange. More info here.

Winter 2008/9: Butcher Orange

Printed 1/09, 1500 books/500 packs
French Dur-O-Tone "Butcher Orange" 80# cover, ""Double Knee Duck Canvas" graph. The first COLORS edition was released on a whim and mostly because we thought Butcher Orange Field Notes would look cool. We were right. More info here.