Field Notes

Summer, 2014: The “Arts and Sciences” Edition


FN23AS7smOur 23rd COLORS release introduces a brand-new, larger FIELD NOTES format for Summer 2014. We’ve created a limited-edition 2-Pack of 7.5-inch by 4.75-inch “Note Books,” big enough to accommodate ideas from both sides of your brain. Both books feature sturdy Mohawk Loop 110-lb covers with silver ink and debossed logos, with 64 pages of Finch Opaque 50-lb text paper inside.


FN23AS11smThe “Arts” Note Book is designated for creative musings, featuring a wine-colored cover containing a wealth of handy information for writers and fine artists. Its 64 interior pages are quarter-inch ruled in “Academy Gray” for prose and poetry on the right-hand (“recto”) side, and blank on the left-hand (“verso”) side for sketches, scribbles, and sentence diagrams.

FN23AS12sm“Sciences” sports a dark slate gray cover loaded with the formulas, theories, and ideas you need to get you through your day. The recto pages feature an all-new “Engineer’s Graph” subdivided into one-inch, half-inch, and tenth-inch squares in “Academy Gray.” As with “Arts,” the “verso” side of the sheet is blank, awaiting your diagrams, calculations, and observations.




Our series of teaser films examines what happens when art meets science and vice-versa. If you went to liberal-arts college, it will all probably seem pretty familiar:
A Poem About the Scientific Method
The Chemical Compound of a Landscape Painting
Thermodynamics of an Opera Recording
A Modern Dance About Trigonometry
Photo Composition Using Geometry
Newton’s Three Laws, For Trombone
Aerodynamics of a Short Story Collection


FN23AS10smNow’s the time to start a FIELD NOTES COLORS subscription! Your first shipment includes two 2-Packs of “Arts and Sciences” Note Books, two 3-Packs of our original Kraft FIELD NOTES Memo Books, and some extra goodies, including subscriber-exclusive metallic “Arts” and “Sciences” 1 1/2-inch buttons! “Doubles” of the Fall 2014, Winter 2014, and Spring 2015 editions will be automatically shipped upon release, one to use and one to hoard away for posterity. Never miss a COLORS limited edition! 750 subscriptions are available, for just $97. If you are already a COLORS subscriber, thanks, and yours are already on the way.


FN23AS2smNot ready to commit to a subscription? Order a 2-Pack today: one “Arts” and one “Sciences.” Great for Dads or pre-grads. Note that COLORS editions often sell out quickly: when they’re gone, they’re gone. Arts and Sciences 2-Packs are $9.95.

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