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countyfairDsmFor Summer 2010, FIELD NOTES COLORS celebrates the 50 great U.S. states with COUNTY FAIR, our seventh quarterly installment.

Each COUNTY FAIR 3-Pack highlights an individual U.S. state, with one memo book each in the colors of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place County Fair ribbons; blue, red and yellow. They’re printed on 100-lb. linen cover stock and all three feature metallic gold printing and 48 pages of graph paper with light blue/grey lines inside. The back covers feature a bevy of meticulously-researched state facts and figures. Check out Alaska’s cover here (pdf).

Come with us on a Field Notes Field Trip to Monona, Iowa.

COLORS Subscriptions – $129

Subscribe to FIELD NOTES COLORS and get two COUNTY FAIR 3-Packs and a special subscribers-only First Place Blue Ribbon, plus two regular FIELD NOTES 3-Packs (one Graph, one Mixed) immediately. Over the next year, you’ll get three more mailings featuring two quarterly FIELD NOTES COLORS limited-edition 3-Packs, plus lots of other other goodies. That adds up to 30 memo books, including “doubles” of each COLORS edition, one to use, and one to hoard away for posterity. 400 Subscriptions are available for $129 each.

NOTE: Once you have ordered your COLORS Subscription you will receive a confirmation email with a link to choose your two state packs. So make sure to check the email account you used to purchase. Your order will ship after you have chosen your states.

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COUNTY FAIR 3-Packs – $9.95

Scared of commitment? Want to order extra states? Use this menu to preorder individual packs and just hit the back button if you want to add more. Make your own “Great Lakes Edition” or “Places I Have Visited Set” or anything else. The price is $9.95, the same as all our FIELD NOTES 3-Packs.

CHOOSE YOUR STATE: Make your own “Great Lakes Edition” or “Places I Have Visited Set.”

Field Notes Road Trip Kit – $24.95

Field Notes Road Trip Kit

Mix and match your own custom Field Notes Road Trip Kit and get an individual “County Fair” memo book for each state you pass through on the way. Each kit includes six individual County Fair state editions, one Field Notes Steno Pad for pre-trip planning, six Woodgrain Pencils and more. We will contact you after checkout to see which 6 states you would like in the Kit.

COUNTY FAIR Box Set of All 50 States – $149

Set of 50

For Field Notes collectors. A special limited-edition complete set of 50 individual notebooks, one from each state, packaged in a custom box along with a 6 pack of Field Notes Clic Pens. A great gift for kids, for recording your travels or just learning about the U.S.A.

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Don’t forget to stock up on Graph, Ruled, Plain, and Mixed FIELD NOTES, plus FIELD NOTES pens and pencils and our calendar from our online store.