Field Notes

COLORS limited editions. Can you believe we’ve done 20 of these things? Let’s celebrate over a thoughtfully-brewed beer from an esteemed local brewery, served at a favorite neighborhood bar. Hey, that gives us an idea!


Our new FNC-20 “Drink Local” books feature heavyweight New Page Sterling Premium 120# covers with a “soft touch” varnish, giving them a soft, almost rubbery feel. The logo is varnished with a contrasting gloss, and each book is colored to represent a different brew, with a brief history of each style of beer on the back cover. Inside is our acclaimed Finch Opaque Smooth 50# text paper, with a “Hefeweizen” yellow-orange graph grid. It’s all bound together with bright gold staples.




There are two 3-Pack versions available: ALES and LAGERS, limited to 10,000 3-Packs each. ALES features STOUT (dark brown-black), AMBER ALE (warm red), and INDIA PALE ALE (rusty orange). LAGERS features PILSNER (gold), BOCK (brown), and PALE LAGER (pale yellow). Each three pack comes bound in a chipboard belly band with a matching (ALES or LAGERS) 3.5″-diameter, 2-color, pub-style coaster, lovingly letterpress-printed in Chicago by our new pal Liz Isakson-Dado on a vintage press.



Usually our films are meandering meditations on something sorta related to the latest edition, but in knowing how well beer and commercials go hand in hand, here’s our first thirty-second, TV-ready spot.


If you’ve been waiting to subscribe, now is the time. New subscribers not only get two 3-Packs (one ALES, one LAGERS) of this edition with coasters, plus two kraft-cover FIELD NOTES 3-Packs (one Graph, one Mixed), they’ll also get a limited-edition FNC-20e chipboard “Ales and Lagers 6-Pack Carrier!”


This beauty is available ONLY to subscribers and holds any six FIELD NOTES notebooks in style. Over the next year, subscribers get three more quarterly mailings featuring a pair of FIELD NOTES COLORS limited-edition 3-Packs (or equivalent) and other goodies. That adds up to 30 memo books! 750 subscriptions are available, for just $97. (If you’re a current subscriber, yours are already in the mail!)


If you just want some sweet notebooks without a subscription, make sure to order fast. We suspect these will disappear very quickly. They’re, as always, only $9.95 per 3-Pack, limit four per customer.


“Stout” (dark brown-black), “Amber Ale” (warm red),
and “India Pale Ale (rusty orange), with “Ales” coaster (photo).


“Pilsner” (gold), “Bock” (brown),
and “Pale Lager” (pale yellow), with “Lagers” coaster (photo).

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