Field Notes

Our thirteenth FIELD NOTES COLORS release, for Winter 2011, is called “The Northerly Edition,” and as always, we’re trying a few new ideas. “Northerlies” feature our first-ever coated cover, and it couldn’t be glossier: cast-coated, snow-white Mohawk/Smart Kromekote, milled and finished in Cohoes, New York. The covers feature “Icy Silver” type with an embossed FIELD NOTES logomark.

Inside, you’ll find our usual Finch paper, with a twist: white graph lines on a light, cold, blue-gray background. Each 3-Pack is belly-banded in silver. It’s a new, modern feel for us, and when we say “modern,” we mean 1954 modern. You know, the FUTURE.

These beauties will ship Thanksgiving week, so that gives you plenty of time before the holidays. But don’t dawdle, because our limited editions usually sell out very quickly. We can say from experience that people go nuts for FIELD NOTES as Secret Santa gifts, hostess gifts, and stocking stuffers. Friends, relatives, enemies, roughnecks or pencil-neck geeks, they all write and they all love FIELD NOTES.

COLORS Subscriptions

Subscribe to FIELD NOTES COLORS and get two “Northerly Edition” 3-Packs and two kraft-cover FIELD NOTES 3-Packs (one Graph, one Plain) immediately. Over the next year, you’ll get three more quarterly mailings featuring a pair of FIELD NOTES COLORS limited-edition 3-Packs.

That adds up to 30 memo books, including “doubles” of each COLORS edition: one pack to use and one to be squirreled away in a PVC sleeve in your FIELD NOTES collectors’ binder (we should make those!). 400 subscriptions are available for $97 each (a $32 reduction from our old subscription price!).


If you’re not quite ready for that level of commitment, or just need some great holiday gifts, 3000 “Northerly Edition” 3-Packs are available online. But hurry: they’ll disappear in no time. The price is $9.95, the same as all FIELD NOTES 3-Packs. Limit 3 packs per household, please.

Check all of our limited-editions, including what’s for sale right now. and
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