Field Notes

Our second-generation neon FIELD NOTES are available now! We’re offering a special 3-Pack of our kid-friendly “Summer Camp” FIELD NOTES with color-coordinated pencils and our famous FN-09 “Band of Rubber.”

The pack contains three pocket notebooks (fluorescent blue, yellow and green) with “Summer Sky” blue 3/16″ graph interior pages, and three matching pencils. They look great under a black light, and trust us when we tell you they scream, “Don’t leave me behind!”

Use ’em for video game cheats, skateboard tricks, treasure maps, or (sigh) algebra. What’s the surface area of a 3.5″ x 5.5″ page in square inches, times 48 pages, times three books? That’s 19.5 SQUARE FEET to fill up with good ideas. See? Math is OK, and you’ll have plenty of space for work and fun.

That’s three notebooks in neon blue, yellow and green, three matching pencils, and a rubber band (plus, as always, some other goodies). They’re great for adults or kids, and they’re in stock and ready to ship. Your cost $11.95.

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Whether you’re going away to camp, the office, or the Pontic-Caspian Steppe, don’t forget to stock up on our regular Graph, Ruled, Plain, and Mixed FIELD NOTES, plus THE STENO and FIELD NOTES pens and pencils from our shop.