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A Delivery from Outer Space

August 15th, 2014 by Jim Coudal

The handsome and versatile FIELD NOTES Space Pens in matte black and the iconic chrome are now back in stock! They go perfectly with our virtually indestructible EXPEDITION EDITION of memo books.

Jimmy Stamp for Smithsonian Magazine on the history of the Space Pen, To Boldly Write Where No Man Has Written Before.


A Long Term Relationship

August 13th, 2014 by Jim Coudal

We release seasonal editions four times each year. A very few of them, like the County Fair and Expedition Editions, become regular parts of our line, but for the vast majority, once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. You can purchase a year-long Colors Subscription and receive two of each release, plus lots of extra goodies and subscriber exclusives for just $97. Subscribers shipments always go out first too.

In a rare moment of organization and planning, we actually know what the next three editions will be. Winter is something people have been asking for, and Spring is, well, let’s just say it’s an really ambitious, and time-consuming, undertaking. You can start a subscription right now with the Unexposed Edition We’ll ship that out right away with extras and then you’ll be all set through next June or thereabouts.

Check this film, in which we try to use science to measure the value of a subscription.

Field Notes Public Service Announcement:

Duly Noted

August 10th, 2014 by Jim Coudal


Thanks to Max Temkin for bringing this to our attention.


Summer Session

July 14th, 2014 by Bryan Bedell


As our mailing list learned first, the Summer 2014 COLORS edition is now available! Arts and Sciences features new, bigger FIELD NOTES books, with more pages. Each pack contains one “Arts” book with a wine-colored cover and alternating blank and ruled pages, and one “Sciences” book with a slate-colored cover and alternating blank and “engineer’s graph” pages. Both feature handy info regarding their particular fields of study. Find out more and order a 2-Pack or start your subscription now! It’s a limited edition and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Field Notes In Action:

Bus Passes and Happy Meals… And Field Notes

July 11th, 2014 by Dawson


Field Notes makes a cameo in Lizzo’s music video for Bus Passes and Happy Meals. Thanks for the tip Frank!


So Long to Good Friends

June 24th, 2014 by Michele Seiler

We received the news from our dear friends over at The Paperie in the UK that they are winding down operations in anticipation of retirement. While we are happy for them to enjoy leisurely days going forward, we will certainly miss them as a retailer of our notebooks. Nigel and his crew have been staunch supporters of Field Notes from all the way back to our first year. We have very much appreciated that support and value the vendor/retailer relationship that seemed more like a friendship than business. So good luck wishes to our friends in their retirement! (Oh, and they are having a closing-down sale so check out the great prices!)


“Arts and Sciences,” Reviewed

June 18th, 2014 by Bryan Bedell


Josh Ginter of The Newsprint wrote a thorough and well-illustrated review of our new Arts and Sciences edition (with bonus photos here).

“Despite the plethora of new, Arts and Sciences is a Field Notes book through and through.”

Thanks, Josh, glad you dig ’em! Thanks also to Uncrate, Hypebeast, Well-Appointed Desk, Woodclinched, Unroyal Warrant, Chase McCoy, Acquire, Tools and Toys for all the shoutouts. 2-Packs of the 64-page larger-format “Arts and Sciences” are still available for a limited time, or subscribe to guarantee a year’s worth of our limited edition notebooks before they sell out.

Vintage Memo Book Archive:

Wedding Crashers

June 17th, 2014 by Bryan Bedell

FIELD NOTES are invited to plenty of weddings; as wedding party gifts, guest favors, guestbooks, and often filled with vows, speeches, and prayers on the big day. But as @jacobwelchans tweeted recently, sometimes they sneak in, uninvited…


“I used my FIELD NOTES as a contact directory and pretty much overall wedding planner. Both of my brothers [Lucas and Eron, pictured] wrote the notes for their speeches in theirs. Our photographer saw me checking my notebook before the wedding and asked about it, and then asked if anyone else in my party had them, and both of my brothers pulled theirs out. My mom had hers too but wasn’t there at the time. My entire family (including my new wife) is all big fans of your company and product. I LOVE the shelterwood pack I recently purchased. My older brother carries the leather wallet. My wife used your steno pad for her wedding notes.”

Congratulations, Jake and Sylvia! Write it down now, and remember it forever!

Field Notes Public Service Announcement:

Get On The List

June 5th, 2014 by Jim Coudal

Field Notes spring teaser video 1. Are you looking at the alt tag for more clues? Sorry.

Field Notes spring teaser video 2. Are you looking at the alt tag for more clues? Sorry.

Field Notes spring teaser video 3. Are you looking at the alt tag for more clues? Sorry.

Field Notes spring teaser video 4. Are you looking at the alt tag for more clues? Sorry.

Field Notes spring teaser video 5. Are you looking at the alt tag for more clues? Sorry.

Field Notes spring teaser video 6. Are you looking at the alt tag for more clues? Sorry.

Field Notes spring teaser video 7. It's too late for clues now. We've announced it.

Folks on The List get FIELD NOTES release information before everyone else. For example, our mailing list just got first dibs on the new Summer COLORS limited edition. Sign up and then click on the link on the “THANK YOU” page and see what all these films are about.

Also, we won’t make an offer on our products anywhere that we don’t also make to The List and we’ll never, ever share your email address with anyone. Generally speaking you’ll receive four mails each year announcing the seasonal editions, plus just a few more about product introductions or special offers. We know you’re busy and it’s hard to keep a clean inbox, so we’ll only send when we have something important to say.

Products · Special Offers:

Are We There Yet?

May 22nd, 2014 by Jim Coudal

Summer. Cars. The “License Plate Game.” Holiday Inn Swimming Pools. Pecan Logs. FIELD NOTES. It’s time to start planning your summer road trip and we can help make it great with our new ROAD TRIP KIT.

Above, we map a 1700-mile drive from the Field Notes Midwest HQ to the unbelievably beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Our route passes through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona–six mighty fine states. Wouldn’t it be great to document the trip, state-by state, in a series of Field Notes “County Fair” notebooks? Here’s your chance! Even if you’re not hitting the road, you’ll find plenty of great uses for notebooks featuring your favorite six states.

Each ROAD TRIP KIT includes an 80-page Field Notes Steno notebook for pre-trip planning, ANY SIX individual county Fair State editions (you’ll get an email asking you to select six states after you place your order), six Field Notes Brand #2 Woodgrain pencils, and other goodies.

Grab the atlas from under your passenger seat, fill up the tank, and order today! The Field Notes Brand ROAD TRIP KIT is just $26.95 and it’s shipping right now.