Field Notes


2016 Workstation Calendar

Our beefy, tear-off FN-18 Workstation Calendar is back for 2016! It’s a wide 6″ x 9″ on thick chipboard backing and features a full 15 months: all of 2016, plus Nov/Dec 2015 and January 2017 (our older calendars featured 18 months, which seemed like it made sense at the time, but it turns out most folks don’t think much about getting new calendars in April).

This guy fits proudly next to your bookshelf, in the garage hanging above the air compressor, or by that screen door at the summer place that makes such a racket when it slams shut.

Send us $11.95 today and you’ll get the calendar and a comprehensive list of “Real Big Days” at no additional cost (since it’s printed on the back).