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Midwest HQ Open House

December 16th, 2014 by Bryan Bedell

As you may know, our partner in FIELD NOTES, Aaron Draplin is running a pop-up shop in Portland. Aaron put a lot of thought into it, and a lot of orange paint. He rented some retail space. He built stuff. He advertised it all over town. He even made a special FIELD NOTES edition just for the shop.


Here at Midwest HQ, we didn’t do any of that. We’ve been too busy packing orders and checking presses. Like you, dear customer, we waited until the last minute, and made the quick decision to keep our offices open late this Thursday and Friday (Dec. 18 and 19, until 7pm) and invite the public to stop by and score some last-minute gifts on their way home from work.

We figure if we’re here packing orders anyway (free US Priority shipping through Thursday!) we might as well string up a few lights, pick up a couple cases of beer, maybe microwave some Totinos pizza rolls, probably play some trendy indie-rock Christmas music, and invite some folks over. We can show you around our offices and packing area and sell you anything available on our site. You might get a sneak peek at the very beginnings of our FIELD NOTES museum (under construction) And for the first time, we’ll offer some ‘scratch and dent’ deals on opened/marred/otherwise unsaleable products. We’ve also got some Coudal/Swap Meat merchandise sitting around from the old days, a few t-shirts, posters, Field Tested Books, and whatever else we can dig up and trade for your hard-earned cash.

We will not likely be offering anything you haven’t seen before, no out-of-print editions or rare books, but we can wrap gifts, make gift cards, pose for selfies, and once we get a few beers in us, who knows what’ll happen? Stop by on your way home and say hi!

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Happy Holidays from Field Notes

December 15th, 2014 by Jim Coudal

Happy Holidays

We commissioned a special film as our holiday card this year from writer/director Matthew James Thompson. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks for all your support during 2014.

So you know, we’re also offering free Priority Mail shipping on all U.S.A. orders (including subscriptions) placed before 5pm Chicago time on Thursday, December 18th.


Winter 2014 COLORS: The Ambition Edition

November 21st, 2014 by Jim Coudal


For our 25th (!) seasonal release, we’ve created something pretty special and very useful. Check out the AMBITION EDITION. It’s shipping right now.

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Funny Story…

November 21st, 2014 by Bryan Bedell

IMG_5364If you watched our Ambition film, you’ll remember the scene at 1:20 where Shea tucks the package in a big box atop the handcart that Tyler’s pushing to the freight elevator. Turns out we just left it in there and mailed it, and it was returned today with three “Insufficient Address” labels. That’ll happen when you just make up an address. Sorry, USPS!

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery Edition

November 20th, 2014 by Bryan Bedell


The Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room opened on December 5th in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. All of Starbucks small-batch Reserve coffees are roasted on-site. The 15,000-foot space in a historic 1920 building offers tours of the roasting process, a tasting room, and a shop selling Reserve coffees and limited-edition gifts commissioned just for the Roastery.


FIELD NOTES was happy to be involved, we’ve put together an all-new 2-pack of our larger 4 3/4″ x 7 1/2″ Note Books available exclusively at the Roastery. The covers are Graphic Wood Technology’s PureVeneer birch (real wood laminated to paper) and stamped with copper foil. Bound inside (with copper staples) are 64 orange dot-grid pages and coffee facts and figures. Notebooks and coffee go together like… now that you mention it, pretty much nothing goes together like notebooks and coffee, so if you’re in the Seattle area, you can pick up a pack right now!



A Few of the Unexposed Edition are Still Available

November 1st, 2014 by Bryan Bedell


First, we mailed out our Fall 2014 edition to COLORS subscribers and then we revealed the edition to everybody else. Well, maybe revealed isn’t the right word. In any case, have a look, we think you’ll love it.

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Attention Portland

October 31st, 2014 by Jim Coudal


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NEW Cherry Graph

October 21st, 2014 by Bryan Bedell


Welcome the newest edition to our regular line-up! “Cherry Graph” features real cherry wood covers, like our sold-out Spring 2014 Shelterwood Edition, but now with black text, filled with 48 pages of our tried-and true Finch Opaque Smooth 50#T with 48 pages of 3/16” graph paper inside.


Also note: Our waterproof and tearproof Expedition is back in stock!


18-Month Workstation Calendars

October 13th, 2014 by Jim Coudal

An old friend is back. We’re taking orders on these beefy, chip-board backed 18-month calendars. The new edition is 6″ x 9″ and will fit perfectly next to the bookshelf, or in the garage hanging above the air compressor, or in an office cubicle, or by that screen door at the summer place that makes such a racket when the breeze slams it shut. Just $11.95 each.


A Delivery from Outer Space

August 15th, 2014 by Jim Coudal

The handsome and versatile FIELD NOTES Space Pens in matte black and the iconic chrome are now back in stock! They go perfectly with our virtually indestructible EXPEDITION EDITION of memo books.

Jimmy Stamp for Smithsonian Magazine on the history of the Space Pen, To Boldly Write Where No Man Has Written Before.