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Shenandoah 3-Pack

FNC-28 $9.95

Our Fall limited-edition seasonal release, “The Shenandoah Edition” features three green French cover stocks that match the leaf color of three trees found at Shenandoah National Park: the Sweet Birch, the Chestnut Oak, and the Red Maple. Our new friends at Platinum Converting in Itasca, Ill. fused each of the green papers to a contrasting French text-weight paper that matches the tree’s fall foliage. Find out more here!

Original 3-Pack


Our original 48-page memo books, available in four variations, or a mixed 3-Pack.
Each book measures 3-1/2” wide by 5-1/2” tall and is bound with a rugged three-staple saddle-stitch process.

3/16” (5mm)
graph paper.
Our original.

1/4” (6.5mm)
ruled paper.
Good, crisp lines.

Free wheelin’
plain paper.
Doodle away.

One of each.
Plain, ruled and
graph paper.

Cherry wood cover,
3/16” (5mm)
graph paper.


56-Week Planner


We’ve been testing them here and we’ve come up with only one question that we really don’t have a good answer to: “What took us so long?”

THE PLANNER measures 4-3/4″ x 7-1/2″ (the size of our limited ”Arts and Sciences“ edition) and features a durable 60pt. chipboard cover and lay-flat Double-O wire binding, like our ”Steno.“ Inside you’ll find 112 pages of Finch 70# text paper are marked with one blank week per spread, ready to fill with your next 56 weeks of appointments, meetings, notes, or even brief journal entries. More info here.


Workshop Companion

FNC-27 $19.95

Our Summer 2015 COLORS edition is a 6-book box set: heavy-duty “Wood Working,” “Automotive,” “Plumbing,” “Gardening,” “Painting,” and “Electrical” pocket memo books ready to fill with your big home improvement plans. They’re all packed in a custom 60-pt slipcase with a sheet of decals for your toolbox. Find out more here!

COLORS Subscription


FN_COLOR_ICONSince Winter 2008, we’ve issued quarterly FIELD NOTES COLORS, limited-edition variations on our classic memo books. The COLORS series explores new papers, printing processes, and colors, sometimes adding special packaging and other fringe benefits. This nifty stop-motion film about the 2008-2009 COLORS editions explains it nicely.

Visit our COLORS Archive to view previous seasons and to order a subscription.


The Steno


Sometimes you need a bigger notebook, one that’ll lie flat on your desk, ready for to-do lists and phone messages. Sometimes you need The Steno.

THE STENO is 6″ by 9″ with a black Double-O Wiring spiral at the top so it lies flat, open or closed. Inside you’ll find 80 pages of 70# ”Bright White“ paper Gregg-Ruled with a fine, soy-based application of ”Double Knee Duck Canvas“ light brown ink. The covers are 60 pt. ”Super Duty Chipboard,“ with a screen-printed 1-Color application of ”Dictation Smudge“ black ink. More info here.

FIELD NOTES 2016 15-Month Work Station Calendar

2016 15-Month
Work Station Calendar


Our beefy, chipboard-backed, tear-off 15-Month Work Station Calendar measures 6″ x 9″ and will fit perfectly next to the bookshelf, or in the garage hanging above the air compressor, or in an office cubicle, or by that screen door at the summer place that makes such a racket when it slams shut.

A Drive into the Gap


A Drive into the Gap is a true story about fathers and sons, baseball and memory, and the improbable journey of a bat from one of the most iconic moments in the history of the game to the bedroom of a 12-year-old boy. Read more about our first Field Notes Brand Book.

A Drive into the Gap Book

Pitch Black


Whatever they’re calling the “new black,” forget about it. Only black is black, and nothing’s blacker than black, and black goes with everything. Our new “Pitch Black” edition will look great in a tux or a greasy leather jacket. It features a 100-lb French “Blacktop” cover with gray type and gray dot-grid paper inside. 3-Packs are in stock and shipping now. This one’s not limited, we’ll keep it in stock until black goes out of style. Find out more here.

FIELD NOTES Pitch Black Edition
FIELD NOTES Expedition Edition

Expedition Edition


Back in stock! Our “Expedition Edition” features a hi-visibility “Antarctic Survey Orange” front cover and “Polar Night Black” back cover, with a subtle varnish effect featuring a topographic map of Antarctica. The body pages feature our popular ‘dot grid’ graph paper, printed in light gray.

The whole book is printed on Yupo Synthetic paper, an amazing water- and tear-proof paper extruded from polypropylene pellets in Chesapeake, Virginia. Read more about this edition.

“The Kit”


None of us like to think about catastrophe, but when emergency strikes, will you be prepared? Sure, you have bandages, water, dog food, and duct tape, but in a no-internet situation, how will you blog? FIELD NOTES BRAND stays up late worrying about such things, and we’ve created the perfect solution.

“THE KIT” Includes:
1 – 80-Page Steno Book
1 – Mixed 3-Pack
1 – ”Shenandoah Edition“ 3-Pack
Plus a pen, pencil and band of rubber

The Archival Wooden Box


For folks who subscribe to our Seasonal Limited Editions, “completists,” collectors, or anyone who just needs a place to store their Memo Books after they’ve been filled up with good information, we present the Field Notes Brand Archival Wooden Box. Custom-manufactured in Brooklyn, New York from 5-ply

cabinet-grade American Birch, each Wooden Archival Box has a heat-branded sliding top, holds 60+ Memo Books and comes with a dozen, handy letterpressed Divider Tabs for organizing your collection. Added bonus: they smell great! External measurements: 6.25″ x 10.5″ x 5.” More info here.

Iron and Resin Everyday Carry

“Everyday Carry”
Memo Book Cover


Our new “Everyday Carry” Memo book cover is a collaboration with Iron and Resin of Ventura, California. This casual, utilitarian cover is handmade in California from top grain, vegetable tanned, U.S.A. 5.5 oz. cowhide. The soft leather is american-tanned with a slightly “waxy” surface and a smooth, tight grain. Inside are two card pockets, a pen loop, and two large pockets to hold a notebook, cash, and all your other day-to-day ephemera. It’ll fit nicely in your back pocket, purse, or camera bag. More info here.

“Pony Express” Leather Pouch


Each “Pony Express” Leather Pouch fits three of our Field Notes Memo Books perfectly and is hand-tooled from premium American leather by Tanner Goods of Portland, Oregon. It’s beautiful how this leather gets darker, softer, and more supple with time and use. We’ve just taken delivery of the first batch of these and more are on the way. More info here.

Field Notes Pony Express Leather Pouch
The Gentlemen's Memo Book Cover

The Gentlemen’s
Memo Book Cover


Each Gentlemen’s Memo Book Cover is individually cut, sewn and tooled by hand at the Esquivel Workshop in California and is fashioned from the highest-grade, rich, brown French Calf leather and carries a subtly-stamped Field Notes trademark on the inside. It fits perfectly in your favorite tweed sport coat pocket or duster, and even with its gender-specific name, it will feel right at home in any purse or handbag.

Perfectly simple and simply perfect. We have a limited number of these on-hand. More info here.

County Fair Field Notes

County Fair


Each COUNTY FAIR 3-Pack highlights an individual U.S. state, with one memo book each in the colors of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place County Fair ribbons; blue, red and yellow. They’re printed on 100-lb. linen cover stock and all three feature metallic gold printing and 48 pages of graph paper with light blue/grey lines inside. The back covers feature a bevy of meticulously-researched state facts and figures. Check out Alaska’s cover here (pdf) or read more about this edition.

CHOOSE YOUR STATE: Make your own “Great Lakes Edition” or “Places I Have Visited Set.”

Field Notes Road Trip Kit

Road Trip Kit


Mix and match your own custom Field Notes Road Trip Kit and get an individual “County Fair” memo book for each state you pass through on the way. Each kit includes 6 State books, 1 Field Notes Steno Pad for pre-trip planning, 6 Woodgrain Pencils and more. After checkout you’ll receive an email invoice with a link to select your 6 states.

County Fair Box Set
of All 50 States


For Field Notes collectors. A special limited-edition complete set of 50 individual notebooks, one from each state, packaged in a custom box along with a 6 pack of Field Notes Clic Pens. A great gift for kids, for recording your travels or just learning about the U.S.A. Read more on our County Fair editions.

County Fair Box Set
Field Notes Fisher Space Pen

Field Notes
Space Pen


There is no pen more versatile than the Fisher Space Pen. Precision-made, durable, and capable of writing in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, and at temperatures from −30 to 250°F (−35 to 120°C). Made in the U.S.A., and trusted by demanding users all over (and orbiting above) the planet Earth. More info.


Clic Pen 6-Pack

FN-06 $5.95

Polished, nickel-plated trim. Smooth plastic for smooth handling. Really. Make a gun out of the things, just like in 4th grade. Square deal.

No.2 Woodgrain
Pencil 6-Pack

FN-05 $4.95

Lacquer-free renewable wood casing, recyclable aluminum ferrule, enviro-green degradable eraser and certified non-toxic imprint inks.

Field Notes FN-13 Carpenters' Pencils

Carpenter Pencil

FN-13 $4.95

7″ carpenter pencils fit nicely in your coverall pocket or behind most ears, and won’t roll away while you work. Three FSC-certified wood pencils with red paint and white type.

Band of Rubber


The Field Notes Band of Rubber fits perfectly around a single notebook and can also be used to wrangle that wad of cash and cards in your pocket.

Field Notes Band of Rubber 12-Pack
Field Notes Coaster Set

Drink Local
Coaster Set


Four handsome letterpress-printed coasters (two Ales, two Lagers) from our Fall 2013 “Drink Local” limited edition.

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